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Jul 09 at 08:29 AM

SAC Planning based on the project starting month and duration of a project.

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Hi All,

We have a requirement in SAC Planning where we have revenue data till the present month. A few projects for which amount is maintained are assigned to each company code. These projects may / may not have the same starting date of project implementation and this starting date is maintained in a generic dimension. We have another generic dimension which contains the duration for which each of these projects would go on, in number of months.

The requirement is that we need to equally allocate these amounts per project to the months for which the project will be implemented from the date / month of project implmentation.

for eg. if Project ABC has INR 10,00,000 amount allocated and the project starting date is from August 2021 for 4 months of project implementation duration, then I want to allocate this amount equally for August, September, October and November 2021. But this duration and starting date may vary from project to project. Hence the allocation step should dynamically calculate the allocation amount based on duration of project and starting date and then equally allocate the amount from that particular starting month to the number of months the project is supposed to go on.

Please view the below image for your reference. I need to allocate amount 814554 from 008.2021 to 010.2021 equally. Can anybody please suggest what could be the best way to perform this, either any advanced formula or data action script or embedded allocation process?