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Jul 07 at 02:45 PM

Integration with Dropbox via Dropbox API using Rest receiver


Hi SAP PO Experts,

I have a requirement where we need to send a file to a folder in DROPBOX via SAP PO.

Can someone help me with this HTTP headers problem we are using SAP PO version 7.5 single stack.

Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

I developed the POC flow file (NFS) to Rest (API) pass through scenario, I am able to pick the csv file from source.

Facing issue with receiver end while calling the post call to upload the file in dropbox via SAP PO application get 400 Bad request

Below are the HTTP headers configured in SAP PO receiver channel:

Note: If I maintained curly brackets and trigger the message then I am getting below error.

{"path": "/Homework/math/Matrices.txt", "mode": "add", "autorename": true, "mute": false, "strict_conflict": false}

While triggering the message via postman I am able to see 200 status.