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Jul 09 at 11:43 AM

Vendor evaluation - Changing Scores Manually



I'm running vendor evaluation (MM-PUR) on R/3 system.

Occasionally, I need to change/erase the score manually of an automatic evaluation, due to specific reason.

In SAP-Library, I can read:

"Changing Scores Manually


In certain cases, you may wish to change scores.

For example, suppose a vendor has missed delivery dates because of a lengthy strike. This results in the vendor achieving a very poor score for the automatic subcriterion "On-Time Delivery Performance". If you do not want this exceptional situation to make a significant difference to the vendor's score, you can overwrite the score with a better one.


Before you can change a score for a subcriterion, the field must be ready to accept input and you must be authorized to make changes.


Authorizations and field attributes are maintained in Customizing."

I'm not able to find out where I can find these customizing points.

Could you please help?