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Jul 07 at 02:48 PM

BOPF, Fiori Elements, Inherit (existing!) values from superior CDS view

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we have the following business case:

Master Data A and Master Data B are combined in Table AB with a M:N relation.

In the read only scenario we have a CDS Consumption View with a List Report and Object Page. The user is able to filter the master page on A, gets a list of corresponsing Bs, clicks on list item with B and is able to navigate to the object page holding the AB combination.

Now we have the following use case/problem: On top of the AB combination new data should be recorded. But Table AB is read only and does not allow transactional access. Therefore we need a extra table/ BOPF object with the following structure:

  • UUID (primary key)
  • A (legacy key)
  • B (legacy key)
  • C (new value, manual given)

But how can we place the BOPF and related CDS Views hierarchically after a non transactional CDS View, because values A and B must not be chosen independendly on a object page independendly but via the portrayed master-detail approach?

The obvious solution looks like CDS view "ZC_AB" association to CDS (BOPF) view "ZC_ABC" as _ABC on $projection.A = _ABC.A and $projection.B = _ABC.B. This is not working because:

  • ZC_AB does not contain an UUID which is normally used for hierarchically BOPF associations
  • The association misses the mark because the BOPF table does not contain any data initally

I've made a small picture to clarify the issue, any ideas are welcome!!!


bild1.png (89.7 kB)