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Jul 07 at 09:55 AM

WBS - Costs of material sent to supplier for external processing


Goodmorning to everyone,

I need your help to try to understand how to solve a problem.

I have placed a purchase order on a wbs; checking costs (S_ALR_87013542) I see the commitment. Once the goods arrive in the warehouse, I perform the goods receipt. Subsequently I send this material to another supplier for a work that must be carried out on the material. So if I check the WBS element, the cost is "canceled" and therefore also the available budget on the wbs element return to the original. How do I leave a "cost trace" on the wbs element when the material goes outside? I could fall in error of committing additional materials thinking I have a budget... but when the material return from the outside I would have an extra budget.

Can you help me?

Thanks to everyone