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Jul 06, 2021 at 10:44 AM

Need to find How Ztable is updating..

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Need Suggestions.
I have one ztable, After posting the VL02N, PGI, It is updating. I need to find which technical object is triggering. the below ways i tried to find the object, but have not found anything.
1) se11 where used list i checked, 3 custom objects like program and class methods are there,
i put break point , while posting PGI, It is not triggered. I even tried, system update debug mode i enabled,
no use.

2)there is no log enabled for this table, and first there is no TMG for this table, I think no need to check
TABLE Events..

3)I tried St05 trace also. exact solution did not get.

4) scan the system using program "RS_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN" given Package as all the z-package list
and in the string given ztable name, some technical obejcts got, what i got from the point 1. Same objects, No use.

PGI Posted(document)... I enable the debugger after posting...
Some standard code triggering... some where In standard code.. Commit used.. some lines are executing.
Now if i see table is updating... How .. what is the link... and where can check... code which is related to my table.

Any info.. how could i trace it, from where it is updating.