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Jul 05 at 04:07 PM

Multithreading implementation using worker_threads module of node JS in CAPM project


Hello Experts,

As per requirement, I have to process ~5000 records (Read data from custom SCP table-> create planned orders in S4(on-prem) -> update planned orders in custom SCP tables ).

To achieve this, I have created one SAP CAPM project and in node JS I have implemented logic. But as the data set is huge I want to use multithreading to process the records in parallel to avoid timeout error.

I am using "worker_thread" module of node JS and when I am deploying the code in SAP CF, I am getting below error.

Node js version is 14.16.0

As per my understanding, it's an internal module of node JS, Hence no need to install it explicitly.

Any idea how to implement multi threading in CAPM project or is there any other way to achieve fast processing via multi threading implmentation in SAP CF and CAPM environment?




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