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Jul 05, 2021 at 08:26 AM

MTA App local testing with approuter node js module and ui module

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Hi Team,

Created an MTA app using yeoman generator with managed approuter . this created a following structure

in the above approuter nodejs module changed the default start command to

in the userinfo js file was making use of xsuaa service to extract jwt to get email address and also using a destination service to get the destination info in cloud foundry . so over all this nodejs module uses destination and xsuaa service to fetch some custom json .

i can run this locally using VCAP_services and default-env.json file using command

node userinfo by navigating to node js module which gives me the desired json while running locally as below


i can also run the ui5 module using below in package.json of mta

"start": "ui5 serve --config=uimodule/ui5.yaml --open index.html",

and npm run start will open the ui5 app in local at port 8080


My requirement is how would i run both apps at a time locally so that i can fetch the data in approuter node js module and use it in ui module so that i can test locally every thing

as below http://localhost:8080/index.html should run ui5 app and the same port for node js module which gives the custom json and uses destination and xsuaa service

http://localhost:8080/custoinfo --> json data

Wanted to use this custom json data for a default model in ui module using preload true in manifest .json




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