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Jul 02 at 05:06 PM

Reason for late SD delivery


Hi SAP experts,

I have a requirement to record a reason for why a customer delivery is delivered late.

In our scenario we are looking at our shipment documents and comparing the planned shipment end dates to the actual shipment end dates.

The business would like to record the reasons for late delivery as part of our OTIF reporting, to investigate where/when delivery issues are most likely to occur. E.g. Material availability issues, Vehicle breakdown, Ocean freight issues.

In practice we would need any reason entry to be mandatory when shipment end date is entered that is not equal to the planned shipment end date.

The business would also like to look into having a similar function on the planned GI date vs Actual GI date. So the ideal solution would work at both points in the process.

Any thoughts on how this could be achieved, either by configuration or development, would be greatly appreciated!