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May 05, 2006 at 09:50 AM

Cache Contents Out-Of-Date on R/3 System


We have XI 3.0 sp15 running on mscs windows 2003, oracle 9.2.06.

We also have an r/3 enterprise (470 1x110)system.

In the R/3 System, the sxi_cache shows a red light since we patched to SP15 - Cache Contents Out-Of-Date.

The Complete Cache refresh icon/menu option and start cache comaprison are greyed out and cannot be executed. I have sap all and sap new and an su53 check says all authroisations okay.

I recreated the INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI as this kept asking for a user id, but no longer does. This is resolved.

I have tried refreshing the CPACache on XI but this doesn't correct the R/3 problem. Tried running sxi_cache on XI.

We have the APPINT 200_620 0006 SAPK-20006INAPPINT SAP Exchange Infrastructure 2.0 installed on R/3.

I have checked oss note 663955 - but not relevant.

Also, in sproxset table it has two entries, but one system does not exsist. Could this bethe problem?if so, how do I remove the invalid entry? I cann't check exchangeProfile as it does not exsist.