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Jul 07 at 02:14 PM

Sales Rebates : mix fixed amount on event and percentage on BV

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Hello Everyone,

I work on sales rebates agreement condition contract type 0S01, and my need is to have on the same condition contract rebates on percentage link to the business volume and rebates based on fix amount determined by qualitative action (it's an internal discussion that trigger this rebates) but I still want to make provision for both.

For percentage amount its standard way I make my provision on each invoice,

For fixed amount I want to make provision base on periodal delta Accruals,
Ex : fixed amount of 1200€, I want to make provision of 100€ each month

I created for that a new material that will hold those provision and be display on the form and I store it in "Settlement Material" field

Even if no movement have been made on this material, it's retrieve in my settlement document only in case I set my Business Volume Criteria on this specific material (TSTVIS015)

But but adding it in my Business Volume Criteria is not suitable with my first condition to base my rebate on business volume

Do you know how my settlement Material can be retrieve in my settlement document without include it in my Business Volume? Is there a way to trigger it ?

Thanks for you answers