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Jul 05 at 06:19 AM

J58 Advanced Return on Sales/Purchase Tax (1) report to tax office & (2) special advance payment

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Dear all,

I have two questions concerning Advanced Return on Sales/Purchase Tax in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud:

1) According to Scope Item J58 it is possible to Prepare Electronic Tax Return for the report created in the app "Advanced Return on Sales/Purchase Tax".

  • Does this app also send this report to the authorities without any additional Scope Item?
  • And are there any settings that have to be maintained before using the app correctly?
    (in the starter system, a test did not go through and remained in the status "Sending in Progress")
  • As our customer is currently using DateV as Finance system it would be quite handy if the report could be sent to the tax authorities automatically.

2) Our customer is applying Dauerfristverlängerung (permanent extension) and Sondervorauszahlung (Special advance payment) for Advance Return on Sales/Purchase Tax . This means the customer does not have to report vat to the tax office within the following month but he has got two months time to report vat to the tax office.

By choosing this opportunity you must also make a prepayment in February (1/11 of the vat prepayment amount of the previous year) to the tax office that is then deducted from the payment the customer is reporting for December.

Vat Prepayment in 2020: 110.000€
Special Prepayment in 02/2021: 10.000€
Vat Report 12/2021: 65.000€ --> Actual payment to tax office: 55.000€

  • If it is possible to send Advance Return on Sales/Purchase Tax to the tax office directly from the SAP system would it be possible to make changes to the report before sending it without using Scope Item 1J2?

Thank you very much for your answers and have a great week,