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Jul 04, 2021 at 10:17 PM

SAP Business One Fixed Assets depreciation does not recalculate after revaluation



Please can you assist:

At the end of the Financial Year my client did an asset revaluation. The asset value was increased.

The expectation was that in the new financial year the depreciation would calculate based on the new Net Book Value, however the planned depreciation for the year is still based on the original APC value.

I logged this to SAP and the response was that it was because the depreciation calculation method is defining as Percentage of Acquisition value, which will not consider the NBV when doing revaluation.

If you change depreciation type, where depreciation calculation method is Net Book Value/Remaining Life, it will work as expected.

The customer require the setting percentage of acquisition value. Can someone please advise and explain how this can be achieved as I do not understand why this depreciation method does not impact the recalculation of depreciation?

1. FY 2021 - First year of transacting in SAP

Historical balance was 585,552.00

Depreciation LIN01 - straight line percentage of acquisition 1%

Depreciation calculated as 585552.00 *1% / 12 = 487.96

2. At year end posted an asset revaluation and change New NBV to 908,959.00

The asset revaluation was posted in May 2021, but dated for 31 March 2021 ( year end)

3. After revaluation new financial year 1 April 2021 ( FY 2022)

The asset shows the new NBV as the revaluated amount

Expected planned depreciation change for the next financial year based on new NBV , which it did not has remained the same as the previous FY on the acquisition value

Depreciation LIN01 - straight line percentage of acquisition 1%

Expected system to calculate Depreciation as 908959.00 *1% / 12 = 757.47

April 2021 – new year depreciation run and journal - remains same as last year depreciation

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Caren Brunsdon