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Jul 02 at 02:10 PM

Global filter in SAP Fiori Overview Page



We are developing an SAP Fiori Overview Page with the help of CDS Views. We are facing a problem with the Global Filters. Here is the link to the relevant documentation:

We are not able to set a global filters to the OVP cards.We would like to filter the date and country. The configuration in our manifest.json file is :

"sap.ovp": {
		"globalFilterModel": "mainService",
		"globalFilterEntityType": "PackagingEPRFeesVolumesView",
		"containerLayout": "resizable",
		"enableLiveFilter": false,
		"considerAnalyticalParameters": false,
		"filterSettings": {
			"dateSettings": {
				"fields": {
					"deliveryItemDate": {
						"customDateRangeImplementation": ""
		"cards": {
			"donutCard": {
				"model": "mainService",
				"template": "",
				"settings": {
					"targetUri": "",
					"title": "{{donutCardHeaderTitle}}",
					"subTitle": "{{donutCardHeaderSubTitle}}",
					"entitySet": "PackagingEPRFeesVolumesView",
					"chartAnnotationPath": "",
					"defaultSpan": {

On the OVP we use the global filter fields for changing the date and country but if we fire the go button nothing happens. Can you please tell us, how can we proceed in order to implement a global filters in the right way and use it in the overview page?