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Jul 02, 2021 at 10:02 AM

How to realize a SUM(IF( key figure calculation in IBP?

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Dear SAP Community,

Related to a customer request we are trying to realize a SUM(IF( function in the key figure calculation. This is the function which should be realized:

KF1@PERPRODLOC = SUM(IF(Attribute1=”X”;InventoryKF1@PERPRODLOC;0); IF(Attribute2=”X”;InventoryKF2@PERPRODLOC;0); IF(Attribute3=”X”;InventoryKF3@PERPRODLOC;0); IF(Attribute4=”X”;InventoryKF4@PERPRODLOC;0); IF(Attribute5=”X”;InventoryKF5@PERPRODLOC;0); IF(Attribute6=”X”;InventoryKF6@PERPRODLOC;0))

The idea is to consider in the calculation the key figures InventoryKF1 to InventoryKF6 only if there is a “X” flagged in the corresponding attribute in MDT LOCATIONPRODUCT (see example calculation in Excel):

The function can be maintained in the key figure calculation but during planning are check/activation the following error messages are thrown and activation is cancelled:

“Calculation “KF1@PERPRODLOC” is an aggregation. It must have exactly 1 input KF.”

“Calculation “KF1@PERPRODLOC” must not contain aggregation of different key figures”

So the system does not allow to use the function “SUM” in that way.

Is there a special function available which can be used in the calculation editor? Or how can this requirement be realized?

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Best regards