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Jul 02 at 07:38 AM

Reschedule sales orders


Hello experts,

Plz share your advice on how to meet the below requirement. Is it the only way to develop a new program by copying V_V2? If V_V2 has enhancement, what is it?

A list of background jobs for V_V2 are scheduled for multiple subsidiaries. Now one subsidiary requests that credit blocked sales orders should be the lowest priority during V_V2. Currently sales orders are confirmed when stock are sufficient, even credit block. If it is lack of stock, sales orders transfer requirement, even credit block.

For example, sales order A has higher priority than sales order B during V_V2. Because sales order A has credit block, sales order B is required to have higher priority than sales order A. At the same time, sales order A need to transfer requirement if stock is not sufficient. After credit block is released, sales order A recovers its priority during V_V2.