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Jun 30 at 05:33 AM

How to utilize CBTA scripts created in ECC environment to S4 HANA system?


Hello Experts,

We are migrating from ECC to S4 HANA version 2020 and we are planning to use SOLMAN Test Suite for the purpose of automated testing. We have already configured Test Suite, CBTA tool and are using the Test Suite to record the test scripts, business scenarios, test data, executable library, etc. for ECC environment.

See Attachments and the description as below:

Capture 1 - Current system landscape in SOLADM

Capture 2 - Test Scripts/Business Scenarios recorded in Test Suite using CBTA tool in SOLDOC for ECC system

We are planning to change the system landscape in the SOLADM transaction from EUD, EUQ and EUP to SUD, SUQ and SUP respectively. i.e. from ECC systems to S4 HANA systems.

Can we utilize these already created scripts, test configurations, recordings, test data, executable libraries etc. in S4 HANA system landscape or do we need to record the business scenarios again?

Thank you in advance!


Best Regards,

Akash Sharma


capture-1.png (78.9 kB)
capture-2.png (136.6 kB)