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Jun 28, 2021 at 03:24 PM

Cross functional MRP through Special Procurement 40 and planned order in production plant





Dear Expert,

We have two plant DP41 and UN02.

1.DP41 is the planning plant and UN02 is the production plant.

2.In SPRO, special procurement – 40, key parameter setting for plant DP41, mention plant UN02 as the alternative plant (production plant)

3.Special procurement 40 is maintained in MRP 2 of material master of Plant DP41.

4. In MRP 2 maintains proc type = E in UN02 plant.

5.BOM & Recipe master is maintained in plant UN02.

6.Configuration of special procurement – 40 has been done as given below;

Plant: DP41 [ Planning Plant]

Sp.Pr.Type 40 - Stock transfer (proc.from alter.plant)

Procurement type F External procurement

Special procurement – U (Stock Transfer)

Plant – UN02 [ Production Plant]

7.Rolling Plan (PIR) is captured in Plant DP41 (Planning Plant)

8.Carry out MRP RUN in Plant DP41


9.After MRP RUN in Plant DP41, a STPR will be created in Plant DP41.

10.Planned order will show in Plant UN02 as the same is production plant.

11.Production & Procurement will be carried out in Plant UN02 on the basis of planned order.

12.Since special procurement 40 is being used, stock quantity which will be produced in Plant UN02, want to transfer from Plant UN02 to DP41 through same STPR through STO.

As per present configuration which is mentioned in point no 6.

13.PurRqs is generated in planning plant – DP41

14.PRqRel is generated in production plant – UN02, but no planned order is being generated. Since there is no planned order in plant UN02, Production is not being carried out.

I have attached herewith screen shot of Configuration and MD04 list of DP41 & UN02 for your reference.

Please help how to make step by step configuration and can resolve the issue.


Amit Biswas