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Jun 30, 2021 at 12:54 PM

Issue with Splitter and Gather in SAP CPI

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Hello Experts,

I am trying to split a message using General Splitter in SAP CPI. Message structure looks like following:

There are mulitple <Reports_to_Unit> nodes inside each <Entity>. I am trying to split this message into 6 individual <Entity> messages each containing the three Entity fields i.e. Org_Entity_Name, ExternalCode, ExternalName and one Reports_To_Unit inside each message. I used a General Splitter with XPath expression as "//Reports_to_Unit" and a Gather with Aggregation Strategy as "Combine(XML same format)".

However, the output gives me 6 individual messages split according to "Reports_To_Unit" and all 6 messages has values for three Entity fields from the first <Entity> only.


I am getting the message split at <Reports_To_Unit> but not getting proper values for three fields(Org_Entity_Name, ExternalCode, ExternalName). Please help.




entities.png (22.8 kB)
expected.png (22.0 kB)