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Cannot connect server after I installed Abap server and Java Server of Netweaver 7.0

Hello Exports,

I created a virtual machine on monsoon and successfully install ABAP server and JAVA server of Netweaver 7.0. You could review the following page to check server status. ADS is ABAP server and DDS is JAVA server.

But when I tried to logon ABAP server and JAVA server through SAP GUI, there is always an error popped up on both servers. I don't know why this happen and how could I debug it. Could you please help me?

Then I tried to use Chrome to logon, index page of JAVA server could be opened. But I cannot logon using my admin account. Could you please tell me what is the default admin user for JAVA sever?

Thank you very much for your help. Really appreciated!!!


Alex Du

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2 Answers

  • Feb 22, 2017 at 08:29 PM

    Hello Alex,

    Your ADS instance 0 is "yellow", which means that the instance did not start completely.

    You can expand the instance 0 and then select "process list".

    Based on the error at the SAP GUI, I would guess that the Dispatcher (disp+work) is not running.

    You can attach to this thread a screenshot from the process list as well as the following trace files:

    • dev_disp
    • dev_w0



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    • Ok, it's definitely a MaxDB problem, so it is beyond me to help now. Still, you've narrowed it down.

      I changed the primary tag on the question to "SAP MaxDB" as that's now the area where you'll need to seek experts to assist. I did add "SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP" as a secondary tag, just to keep that in the loop.

  • Feb 22, 2017 at 09:58 PM

    I would further add that SAPGUI cannot connect to your Java server -- that UI is intended for the ABAP server. So, an inability to connect to DDS through the GUI is correct.

    The default Java administrator, if it's a standalone system using the Java user store, is "Administrator." However, if you chose the ABAP user store when you installed it, then the default will be "J2EE_ADM_<SID>," i.e. "J2EE_ADM_DDS" in your case. I'm guessing you didn't do this, however, as I think DDS would have had a problem starting up if it couldn't connect to its user store, and since the ABAP system isn't starting...


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    • Hi Matt,

      During I installed JAVA server, I didn't use ABAP server's UAM. I tried the user "J2EE_ADM_DDS" and it also cannot logon. As you said, the first thing I will do is to fix ABAP server's logon issue. After I fix this, I will try again. Thank you very much for your answer.