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Jun 29 at 03:42 PM

C4C Prod To Test Copy Requires an Extended Prod Outage Why?

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Dear SAP - We just recently went live last April in C4C and we have a need to refresh our test tenant from prod tenant. We were told by SAP cloud support that we need to take a 8-10 hours outage to copy or refresh C4C test from prod tenant. Why is that? Can't SAP copy from backups? You guys do backup our production C4C tenant right? Why do we need to take an outage in production to copy it to test tenant? I am having difficulty understanding that production tenant has to come down to copy it to test tenant. Usually we take backup images of prod to refresh any test system. Why is that practice not applicable in C4C. What other options do we have to avoid an outage. We are a 24/7 shop we really can not afford an extended production outage. Our business is already suffering from C4C monthly Hot Fix outages and C4C quarterly version upgrade outages in C4C.