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Jun 29 at 07:35 AM

How to match the ObjectID of different entities in the same BO?

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Hello SAP Developers

I transfer data using Odata and I test for transfer data using postman

I will make Odata of Material. The function of Odata will be to query Material Data. the picture is Odata's setting

The structure of the fields I chose looks like this.

Among them, I set the ObjectID value of ProduceID as the key value.

In the case of Description and Planning, the key values of the ProductID can be viewed as parentObectID, which can map the values and Product.

but in the case of Text and Category, I can't find ObjectID. it has another objecID value

I think the reason is It has another target Business object. not material BO

I tried in many ways, but I failed.

In particular, you cannot use a method that utilizes merging.

Because if you use Odata using merge, I will not be able to bring my native language, Hangul data.

now I try to transfer data using webservice(Soap) but I want to use Odata so please give me the solution : )

thank you

best regards