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Jun 28 at 02:40 PM

Provide access to all Fiori apps



is there an easy way to give a user access to all available Fiori apps in a S/4 HANA system?

Right now I can only think of 3 possibilities:

  1. Generate and assign all SAP_BR roles to user (or copies of those in Z name space)
  2. Create a new role and add all existing app catalogs there
  3. Create a custom app catalog and add all available apps there; add this catalog to new role

My use case:
in a test system I don't want to be managing single authorization request for every app which users want to try out.
In the "t-code world" we would just provide S_TCODE with "*". Doing that with S_SERVICE wouldn't be sufficient, as users still would not be able to see the tiles in the Launchpad.

Any ideas how to handle this? I'm thankful for every suggestion :)

Best regards,