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Jun 25, 2021 at 03:51 AM

Retained earning account OB53 cant open


Hi All,

While doing Tcode OB53 getting the below error message, I cant able to go into the OB53 page. I am done with OBD4 Tcode account group. Any idea how to close this error.

Error Message

System error: Error in routine T030A_LESEN BIL

Message No. F4308


An internal error has occurred.

System Response

Processing cannot be continued.


Contact SAP to clarify whether the error can be corrected by a program adjustment or by changes in the parameters.

In order to clarify the error situation, specify the routine T030A_LESEN in which the error occurred, as well as any other parameters (if specified in the message) which could refer to a key which does not exist.