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Same Inspection plan for all plants using Dynamic modificition rule

Feb 20, 2017 at 10:15 AM


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Dear quality experts,

I am looking for a way to create same inspection plan for all plants(have different company codes) using Dynamic Modification rule such that Quality level should be same for all plants while doing incoming inspection.

Thanks for any ideas

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Craig S
Feb 28, 2017 at 06:28 PM

No. You can't do that. SAP has QL's at the plant level.

I wish there was a way to do it another way but I understand it from a best practice standpoint.

It's not usually the case that plants are side by side. So transportation and environmental influences could be significantly different between one plant and another. Doing DMR for two plants in say Philadelphia, 30 miles apart might be perfectly acceptable. But doing it for two plants when one is in Philadelphia and the other is in San Deigo and the raw materail arrives in the US via the port of Seattle would not be acceptable.

In a large company, with thousands and thousands or raw materials, developing a workable way to link plants for certain materials could be very difficult.

The only solution would have been if they allowed the QL's by group/group counter/material.

Sorry. I wish I had a better answer.


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Former Member

Hi Craig,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

In our company all the materials are maintained in all the plants. Now they want to have inspection plans globally for all plants with the same quality level maintained in all the plants while doing inspection.

For example

plant '1000' material 'A' vendor 'X' has assigned to inspection plan 'global_1' at inspection stage '30' and now we assign the same plan (global_1) to plant 3000 material 'A' vendor 'X' while doing the inspection process at plant 3000 it should automatically take the quality level from global_1 plan and should be maintained q level same for both the plants.

But q level should be different when both the plants are not buying from same vendor.

So could you please help me how to achieve it.

Could you explain in brief what do you mean by the below statement from your previous reply and how to maintain QL's with group/group counter/material?

The only solution would have been if they allowed the QL's by group/group counter/material.

Thanks for any ideas


Ok. so basically you can't achieve what you want. You can use one global plan as you indicated. "Global_1" can be set up somewhere and then all materials in the world assigned to it. ( I recommnd that if you do this, you set up teh global plans in a non-producing plant, like a corporate headquarters plant or something that can be used as master data plant).

But quality levels won't be maintained at a global level. Quality levels will be kept at the plant level. That's how it is.

My comment was just a thought on how SAP COULD have done the quality levels. They could have built quality levels so as to track by inspection plan. That would let you do what you want. But they didn't do that. I wasn't suggesting that there is a solution.

For you to resolve this, you would have to basically track this in entirely separated and build you own table of quality levels. That would not be an easy undertaking and would require pretty extensive development work.

Frankly, its probably more cost effective just to do some of the extra testing needed at the plants. If you are only talking one reinspection a year to qualify a vendor, even if you did the retesting at say 20 plants, unless you have extremely expensive testing, it easier and more cost effective to just do the testing. The development would be difficult and the testing, debugging, testing process extensive. many, many hours involved if you want to duplicate the same functionality that SAP provides for quality levels at the plant level.