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Jun 28, 2021 at 08:17 AM

CF UI5 Application: Need help with API authentication


I have a noob question around authentication.

I have exposed an API from S/4HANA via API Management. This API requires basic authentication.

I created a UI5 app cloning multi-cloud-html5-apps-samples/managed-html5-runtime-fiori-mta at master SAP-samples/multi-cloud-html5-apps-samples (
Now I replaced the instance level northwind destination with a destination pointing to my API. I deployed the UI5 app. When I access the app, it prompts me for the BTP login, upon entering the credentials the UI loads. Then it again prompts me a basic authentication popup (for the API metadata) and upon entering API credentials it works alright.

Now the challenge is to get rid of the basic authentication popup and I am not sure where to start with even after reading several blogs and repositories.

Can some one guide me on the logical steps involved please?