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Jun 25, 2021 at 05:25 AM

DSN Invoice Status Clarification


Hi Experts,

When does the Invoice Status Paid, Rejected and Cancelled flow to Ariba Network (DSN).

What is the steps also to get the Paid, Rejected and Cancelled Invoice Document Status to be send to Ariba Network(Detailed FI Step for Users who is not familiar with SAP ECC please)?

When we create the Invoice the Ariba Network

1. Do a cancellation on SAP the Status flow to DSN is Paid.

2. DO a payment run on SAP the Status flow to DSN is Approved.

3. If there are any issue on the Invoice it is not created in SAP and Status is updated to Rejected.

Additional Question:

After creating the Invoice from Ariba Network is the Invoice MM in block state or already release?

For the Invoice FI it is Payment Block depending on the Stock Type define on the PO Line.