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Jun 23, 2021 at 09:00 AM

About S / 4HANA Cloud Test and Demo environment


We are trying to build an S4HC environment.

However, I'm not sure if I can achieve the desired function.

Please answer the following questions.

Q1. We want to do the following five things.

① Development of Fiori app

② Cooperation with peripheral systems via API

③ Linkage with peripheral systems via I / F files

④ Save / load files on SAP BTP

⑤ New development of forms

Can these be achieved with the SAP Integration Suite or SAP Extension Suite? If so, which is it?

Q2. I have a question about "8008801 Cloud test, demo, and development for SAP Integration Suite, standard edition".

① Is SAP Integration Suite a successor service to SAP CP Process Integration?

② Does 8008801 (Integration Suite) have an integrated development environment (WebIDE or BAS)?

③ Does 8008801 (Integration Suite) come with an execution environment such as Java and JavaScript?

⇒ In other words, is it possible to deploy a source developed elsewhere to the Integration Suite?

Q3. I have a question about "8011000 Cloud test, demo, and development for SAP Business Technology Platform, starter pack".

① Is SAP Extension Suite the successor service to SAP CP Cloud Foundry?

② If you purchase 8008801 (Integration Suite) and 8011000 (SAP Extension Suite) at the same time Is there one environment as SAP BTP? Or will it be two independent environments?

③ Does the 8011000 (SAP Extension Suite) come with a Web IDE for the development environment?

④ Can Forms By Adobe be used with 8011000 (SAP Extension Suite)? (Or is it possible to develop forms?)