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Jun 25 at 03:21 PM

Update HANA client in batch mode from a template in SAP Landscape Management


I have implemented LAMA 3.0 standard edition in my landscape to start and stop the SAP instances. That is working fine.

I have also gone a step further and implemented/created some templates to patch the Netweaver kernels and update the HANA databases.

For updating the HANA database for example I create a config file with the HANA installer command:

Hdblcm --configfile=......

and change the parameter in the configuration file to get the correct update of the HANA database.

For the HANA client I want to do something similar. But in the client installer file for example IMDB_CLIENT20_008_20-80002082.SAR, which includes the HANA client installer, has also an option to create a configuration file. But only for a new installation of a client not for patching the HANA client on this system. So far as I know. The SAR file also contains only a hdbinst command and not an update command hdbupd.

I have looked to the HANA documentation but could not find a proper solution to set the correct parameters to update the HANA cliënt.

If I start the hdbinst for the HANA client update directly on the command prompt I get the current PATH where the HANA client is installed in the overview where I am able to select to update the already installed HANA client. But detecting and upgrading the HANA client in batch mode is so far I know not possible with the hdbinst command.

So my question is:

Is it possible to update an already installed HANA client with the hdbinst command in batch mode?

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn