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Jun 22, 2021 at 07:54 PM

operation level confirmation in Repetitive Manufacturing


The finsihed product is having simple repetitive operation and having the semifinished product produced in same shopfloor.

BOM structure

RAW - [A+ B + C = D]

SFG - [D + E = F]

FG - [F + G = FG]

They are doing operation confirmation for each and every operation of SFG and FG components. They are using one order for whole production line [RAW, SFG, FG] and its quaterly basis. Also they are using multiple tracking sheet for SFG and FG. Also they are using Batch which will be consumed in each and every step. How to map it in SAP.

How many planned order need to be considered if I use Repetitive Manufacturing.

Can I create on PIR at FG and consider the subassembly orders as operation. Can I use Co product for GR at subassembly operation Confirmation.

If i do like this how the planning will happen for subassembly. How the requirements will be fulfilled for the raw and SFG materials.


1. How many orders

2. How the Raw and SFG materials will be planned

3. How to create multiple job cards for each operation for single planned order

4. How to track where the RAW, SFG batches are consumed

5. How to track the productivity of RAW, SFG, FG

6. How to confirm the Operations in different sequence if I use single order