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Jun 18, 2021 at 04:07 AM

FINS_ML_ACDOCA_UTIL008 - Pre.compacted inventory data inconsistent


Hi, I tried to make a Good Issue from MIGO and consume the part from the functionality from Asset Manager App and appear this message:

Pre-compacted inventory data inconsistent for material 100097 1001.

Message no. FINS_ML_ACDOCA_UTIL008


The system determined an inconsistency in pre-compacted inventory data for material Material plant 100097 1001. The pre-compacted data differ from that in unified journal.

System Response

The system will not allow the transaction to be posted, in order to prevent the inconsistency affects e.g. other business objects (production orders, ...) or profit and loss statement (cost of goods sold).


If applicable, you may try to exclude the affected material from the business transaction and post the remaining items.

Please contact your system administrator. The data inconsistency shall be analyzed by SAP Support.

Once the pre-compacted inventory data are consistent again, you can post the business transactions for the blocked items.

I check the material stock and it´s fine, check the order and it´s fine too.

I google it and I can´t find any subject about it.

Someone can helpme with this issue.