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Jun 17, 2021 at 08:53 PM

SAP MEINT - Change message of successful split workflow in Queue monitor


Hello SAP Community,

is there a way how to change the standard message for split workflow in Queue monitor?

I created the pre-xslt transaction where I needed to do some logic before the split. And I have there one condition where I need to NOT "split" the message. In other words, I need to end the workflow before the split happens and that is SUCCESS state for me.

Now, if that situation happens, I pass a dummy XML as output. In the split XSL I check for the dummy output and if I find it, I create empty XML. This prevents the workflow from creating and queuing new message, so the split workflow is marked as success, job is done and everyone is satisfied - except one thing. The message in Queue monitor is "[STEP = SPLIT_END]. Successfully executed the Split Workflow." and I would like to change it to something like "No need to issue any other message, all done"

Is that possible?

Thank you!


w8y0z.png (8.8 kB)