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Jun 17 at 03:41 PM

WBS Element hierarchy only visible within a deprecated column and not retrievable

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Dear SAP Community,

Using S/4HANA Cloud, I created a report based on a custom query using I_ACTUALPLANJRNLENTRYITEMCUBE as a main CDS View with other joins.

The client wants to be able to navigate between WBS Element hierarchies.

We currently get WBS Element information from “WBSElementExternalID” field which replaced “WBSElement” field since SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2011.

However, we do not have the option to activate hierarchies on query level like we can do on company code or cost centers.

Oddly, WBS Element hierarchies are available on the SAP standard report “Projects - Plan/Actual” which uses the same CDS view.

I investigated the query “C_PROJECTPLANACTQ2201” related to this standard report and I noticed that the standard report still uses the deprecated field “WBSElement” where the hierarchy option is available.

I tried to bring the deprecated column to my custom query however the hierarchy option was still not there.

It was because the master data dimension called “I_WBSElement” (WBS Element Details) was missing and was not added automatically on my custom CDS View when I added the deprecated field.

The reason of that is because the view “I_WBSElement” is not released by SAP so I cannot use this view on my modeling.

So my question is:

  • How can we display WBS Element hierarchies on an custom analytical query using a custom CDS View?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

Yong-Eun KIM


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