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Jun 17, 2021 at 01:51 PM

Online reimbursement calculation in My Travel & Expenses Fiori app


Dear community members,

We use an old version of My Travel & Expenses Fiori app for ERP6.0.
We are looking for a way to simulate reimbursement amount for different routes (both meals per diem and accommodation) the same why the 'refresh' button of reimbursement amount works.

In other words, we need to calculate the accommodation cost for different trip locations and durations as well as the meals cost for different trip duration and provided meals (aka deductions of breakfast).

e.g.: Simulate the costs of two optional routes (a cheap connection flight with more meals and an extra night vs. an expansive direct flight) so we can be able to calculate a provision of a total trip cost (flight cost + meals + accommodation) to know which one is expected to cost less in total.

Which function can be used for this matter?

Thank you in advance,