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Jun 16 at 11:15 PM

Asset Manager - Field operations worker route calculation



We are working on the Asset Manager implementation, we have included the FOW component.

We understand that the route is generated by creating stops based on the operations within a work order, each operation that contains a geolocated equipment or functional location is shown in the map as a stop. Then, the routing service create a route by drawing a blue line in the map by linking the stops of the work order.

How does this service sort this route stops? is the route created in the same the work order operations order?

Or does the service sort the route stops based on the optimal distance between stops?

For instance:

I have 3 operations, therefore 3 stops:

Stop 1

Stop 2

Stop 3

The routing service draw the route connecting Stop 1 with Stop 2 and then Stop 2 with Stop 3?

Or if the distance between stop 1 and stop 3 is shorter, is the route stablished by finding the best route

Best Regards.


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sample-2.jpg (151.3 kB)