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Jun 19, 2021 at 07:52 AM

VSR Optimizer is not able to find the lane no lanes passed


Hello ,

The problem is that the Transportation Lanes are not getting determined in RCCF_LOG.

Vehicle Resource is defined with the Means of Transport.

The Transportation lanes are created with the means of Transport.

In transportation Cockpit when we try to assign the Freight unit with the Vehicle Resource and run the optimizer it fails and shows that Transportation Lanes are not passed to optimizer and gives entry in RCCF_LOG.

RCCF_LOG ask to assign the Vehicle Resource to transportation lane. But I do not know where to assign Vehicle Resource to transportation lane.

I know that from Vehicle resource -->Means of Transport-->Transportation lanes. There is no direct assignment. between Vehicle resource and Transportation lane.

If someone able to solve the problem Transportation Lane shall be determined it will go to optimizer make the cost calculation and my error shall be solved.

Please help me. You can tell me the screen shots you need I send you.