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Jun 17 at 10:41 AM

Unable to create WIA Billing for Netherlands to UK or from Netherlands to Switzerland


Requirement: Business wants to create two invoices: one to issue to the customer and second one in between two company code(WIA Invoice)

Business process:

1.Goods movement from Netherlands to UK

2.Goods movement from Netherlands to Switzerland

with the route mentioned below:

Sales order->Outbound delivery->PGI->Standard billing(ZF2 Billing type)-> WIA Invoice(WIA Billing type)

where Invoice which is created with billing type ZF2 i.e. for issuing to the customer : successfully created

But the second one in between two company code with billing type WIA is not able to create.

Our concern is if business wants to follow this above route, will system allow to create two invoices: one for issuing to customer and other one for WIA?

We need your suggestion on this.