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Jun 22, 2021 at 02:34 PM

C4C Categories Resolution seems not to respect hierarchy


Hello experts,

I've setup a category catalog like this:

Category ID	Category Type	ParentCategoryID
C_001	                1	
C_IC_001_001	        2	C_001
C_CS_001_001_001	5	C_IC_001_001
C_RS_001_001_001	6	C_IC_001_001
C_RS_001_001	        6	C_001
C_RS_001_002	        6	C_001
C_RS_001_003	        6	C_001

And on C4C I can see the hierarchy of the above upload:

But then when doing the selection on the Ticket this hierarchy is not respected:

So I wonder if someone could help me on explaining me why this behavior.

Would appreciate your support.

All the best with regards,



cat1.png (19.0 kB)
cat2.png (11.9 kB)
cat3.png (42.0 kB)