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Jun 21 at 09:13 AM

Use of internal Origin ID 'SAP_MKT_BUPA' is not allowed

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Hi all,

In the context of the integration between Sales and Marketing Cloud,

we are using the "replicate key mapping to SAP Marketing" artifact to also sync the account's ERP ID from sales to marketing.

It works fine for all newly created accounts, like this one:

But for all accounts that already existed in Sales before we activated this flow, this Key Mapping flow cannot be triggered (cfr discussion on before, to mass trigger all the old ID's we'd need to do a mass change action, which is deemed too dangerous in production).

So, we decided, instead of trying to make Sales Cloud trigger the sync for all the old data, we'd just dowload the list of ERP ID's and add it into Marketing Cloud directly.

So I'm running a call on the API_MKT_CORPORATE_ACCOUNT_SRV api,

with a.o. this line in it:

PUT AdditionalIDs(CorporateAccountID='0001028711',CorporateAccountOrigin='SAP_MKT_BUPA',InteractionContactAdditionalOrigin='SAP_ERP_BUPA',InteractionContactAdditionalExternalID='123TEST') HTTP/1.1

However, the Import Monitor is telling me "Use of internal Origin ID 'SAP_MKT_BUPA' is not allowed"...

I can't seem to find any setting on the Origin configuration that marks this origin as internal...

So does anyone know where that error comes from, and how it could be overcome?

PS, this statement DOES work:

PUT AdditionalIDs(CorporateAccountID='1002638',CorporateAccountOrigin='SAP_C4C_BUPA',InteractionContactAdditionalOrigin='SAP_ERP_BUPA',InteractionContactAdditionalExternalID='123TEST') HTTP/1.1

But that makes me end up with an account which has a SAP_C4C_BUPA as a main origin. Which is what should be avoided when switching from the older odata-based interface to the newer SOAP-based interface.