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Jun 17, 2021 at 10:02 PM

Issues with Instant Prodcuer and SAP



I recently was training SMEs how to use Instant Producer to record SAP transactions, and we encountered the following issues:

  1. The SME was not able to use the very top transaction field to enter information. When she did, the recording bar went to busy and EN Synchronization messages kept flashing by. Me and the other trainer thought it had to do with setting the recording size so later we tried to replicate the error, but were not able to no matter which recording areas we selected. BUT we did get the Synchronization messages again, but not every time. (More to come on this, plus a screenshot!)
  2. A random "Drop" interaction appears in the simulation, along with the interaction we originally recorded. We did not do any drag and/or drop movements on the screen. Any idea on how/why this would be added to the sim? See IP Drop image.
  3. On one of our 8 test recordings, we pressed enter after entering information in a text field and briefly got the EN Synch message box flashing on the screen. It was picked up in the simulation screen shot. We used enter many times before but never got the flashing message. See IP Synch image.

We did change some settings in SAP before we started recording:

1. Checked Enable Scripting, but unchecked the three notification boxes under that setting.

2. Unchecked History Status.

3. Selected No Tooltip under Tooltip Delay.

Does anyone have any idea what causes the Synch windows to run? Or why Instant Producer added "Drop" interactions when we didn't record any?

Thank you!


ip-drop1.png (219.6 kB)
ip-synch-msg1.png (242.7 kB)