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Jun 17, 2021 at 10:29 AM

Fleet management: Fleet cards


Each tool-of-trade vehicle is issued with a fleet card. This card is used to pay for toll fees, tyres, fuel, vehicle servicing and maintenance. The card is issued by a bank. The bank sends a text/csv file on a monthly basis of all transactions posted to the cards. The enterprise is required to record these transactions against expense accounts and the contra would be a vendor account so that the card can be paid. Each card is unique and is linked to a vehicle via the vehicle registration number and VIN number. The enterprise is using the fleet management functionality of the equipment master in plant maintenance (PM). The idea is to validate the incoming bank file against the data held in PM. The interface to be built on SAP Cloud platform and interfaced with a PM API.My question is how do we seemlessly integrate these card transactions into our on-premise S4 HANA solution.