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May 04, 2006 at 05:33 PM

Page works fine on Firefox browser instead of IE


Hello Friends

In my logon page i have a link where user can change password after entering valid userid and password. The process will resume after password changed as usual as logon.

The problem is

After having entered uid. and (correct) password the screen remains static (hanging for .....a long long long time...). Screen Configuration remains 'blank' before the main screen.(sometimes 'stop' helps ??).

Then finally (minutes !!!) a new screen appears in which you have to enter the OLD / NEW (2) password again.

Following process again takes minutes !!

Then it returns with password invalid - try again'... Logon again..... and then suddenly you enter the application !!!

I tried an alternative browser (Firefox) in stead of Internet Explorer(latest one) and the application works perfectly.

Where would be the wrong?

What changes required at IE?

Thanks in advance

early reply appreciated