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Jun 17, 2021 at 10:30 PM

Error message sap 10 No Matching Records Found in Batch Number Transactions Report



good day averyone

I want to ask you help with following issue. Our customer was upgraded to sap version 10 Pl 2102 HANA, however when user try to consult from any marketing documnet the Batch Number Transactions Report the error message appear:

No matching records found ODBC -2028 message 131-183 see attach.

but the error message only appear if the user opens this report from detail of the marketing document. If the user tries to open this report doing right clic from head of the documento, the error does not appear.

the error message does not appear if you open report from Inventory / Inventory Reports. Only appear when user doing right clic over document detail.

we executed restore numbering files but the error continue. we disable add ons and formatted searches but with the same result, the error message continue.

in general the user can use this report but we want to know how resolve this error

could you tell us how to adjust this error or what we should to check in this database to resolve it?


error-odbc-1.jpg (120.5 kB)
error-odbc-2.jpg (94.5 kB)