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Jun 16, 2021 at 07:22 AM

Server Components Error: He1: 2021-6-15 0:55:16:999 ERROR


Hi Team,

I am installing SAP B1 for SQL version 10 and I am getting the bellow error:

"Server Components Error: He1: 2021-6-15 0:55:16:999 ERROR: The specified database server could not be connected via the TCP/IP protocol. Ensure that the following requirements are met and then continue with the installation: 1. Your server is connected to the network. 2. The specified database server, user name, and password are all valid. 3. The TCP/IP protocol has been enabled on the database server."

The TCP/IP is enabled and also the credntials for login are okay. I have also confirmed the sa user has the required admin rights and firewall is off. Which other configuration do I need to check for a sucessfull installation of the services that are failing especially server tools.