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Jun 16, 2021 at 02:41 PM

How do I determine different tax code based on material and value


Hi All,

Hope you are safe.

Today we have MWST as Tax condition type in billing documents where when condition records are maintained with specific tax code, the same is determined in SO and Billing documents.

But I have a situation where I need to determine different tax code for specific material only when net price of document exceeds certain limit.

Any thoughts on this please.

I have a thought of creating new condition table with material and assign it to MWST condition type. But as I said it should be determined only when certain limit exceeds. To achieve this I believe I should place some custom logic in the routine assigned to pricing procedure.

Do we have any customizing option to achieve the same. Am I missing something or any other thoughts also appreciated?

Kindly post your views.

Thank you.