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Jun 16 at 02:29 PM

Invoking SAP Business Rules from UI5 Application(built using Business Application Studio).


Hi All,

I want to invoke Business Rule from UI5 App which is built using Business Application Studio and deployed on SAP BTP.

As both UI5 Application and Business Rule deployed on SAP BTP with same trial account.

but when I am calling Business Rule from UI5 App as first we need to get xsrf-token then we need to make post call to business rule, but when calling get request for xsrf-token I am getting 404 not found Error.

Please find below is the Error.

Please find below the code to invoke business Rule from UI5 Application and configuration of destination in xs-app.json file.

Please find the below destination create in SAP BTP trial account.


error.png (49.4 kB)
code.png (55.3 kB)
configuration.png (67.8 kB)
dest.png (138.4 kB)