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Jun 16 at 03:27 AM

Approach to add Fixed Pricing Condition based on Product Attributes


Hello Experts,

I have a Pricing Condition ZXXX, which is currently set to 'Manual Only'. Below are the condition type properties..

Condition Class: A (Discount/Surcharge)
Plus/Minus: A (Positive)
Calculation Type: B (Fixed Amount)
Condition Category: B (Delivery Costs)
Marked as Group Condition
Marked as Header Condition

Going forward I need to change this to Automatic Determination based on the Product Attributes. The price however remains fixed (say 10 EUR). Considering this fixed price, I think there should be no calculation required.

I think the approach here would be to create VOFM Pricing Routine 9XX and assign this to Pricing Procedure. In the Pricing Routine 9XX, I would check the Product Attribute. Based on this I would set SY-SUBRC eq to 0 or 4.

But, how to set the Price fixed to 10 EUR? Do I need to create a Condition Value/Condition Base Value in VOFM Formulas?
Guide me with the best possible approach.

Kind Regard,