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Jun 15, 2021 at 11:59 AM

Converting transaction DB13 to use SSFS but getting errors when scheduling jobs in DB13


I'm on a windows server with oracle 12 changing DB13 to use SSFS after an upgrade. I have created a user BRT$ADM in secure storage and tested it using brconnect -u // -c -f check and that command now works from the command line. I have updated the commands in DB13 to use u // by running the script from SAP Note 1764043 and when trying to run these they now show as using -u // in the logs. I think I am still having a problem with DB13 using the correct logon so presumably I have missed something somewhere as the issue just seems to be log on problems from DB13. How does DB13 know to use BRT$ADM, I think I am missing a step. The error I am seeing in the logs is:

BR0252E Function CreateFile() failed for 'E:\ORACLE\PDP\ORIGLOGB\CNTRL\CNTRLPDP.DBF' at location BrFileStatGet-2

BR0253E errno 5: Access is denied.

BR0273E Determination of file status for E:\ORACLE\\PDP\ORIGLOGB\CNTRL\CNTRLPDP.DBF failed