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Jun 14 at 06:46 PM

Packing Area storage type

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Dear Community,

With 2105 Release we expected a separate standard storage type to become available for the “Packing Area” (e.g. S830) so that a physical move from the picking area towards the packing area and further towards the goods issue area can be represented in the system. However, we don’t find this storage type, nor do we find process-oriented storage control settings to make this logical sequence of picking/packing steps during an outbound process.

Does SAP plan to deliver this functionality in 2108 or 2111 release?

If not, does anyone know if we could use 1 of below procedures as a potential workaround?

  • Layout-oriented storage control: define a custom packing storage type ourselves (--> which standard storage type template should we take?) and split-up the picking/packing procedure in 2 steps by using this functionality..
  • Define 1 PACK Bin for each packing work center in the S920 storage type (goods issue area). During RF picking (as from 2108 release) confirm the pick HU towards the PACK Bin as destination bin and not towards the proposed GI_AREA bin (determined by the staging area determination). After the stock is repacked from the Pick HU into shipping HU, we could use the RF (as from 2108 release) to ad-hoc create + confirm a WT for the shipping HU to move it from the PACK bin towards the GI_AREA bin. So all movements happen within storage type S920, but movements are done from bin-to-bin to reflect the physical move from a packing area towards a shipping gate.

Many thanks for any feedback! We are in need of a physical s

Kind regards,

Jens Koyen