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Jun 14, 2021 at 05:58 PM

Fiori Free Style with Smart Analytical table Qyantity, Date Formatted _F _T fields issue, CDS Query.


I have a CDS query analytical view that has Qty and Amount and Date fields and ODATA published with @Odata.publish:true

I am building a Free Style Fiori App and using a Smart Analytical Table with Smart Filter Bar and the report run fine.

The issue is there is additional fields generated in the Odata metadata for (Qty , Amount, Date) fields that ends with _F and _T (Qty_F, Amount_F, Date_T) and used as (sap.text="Qty_F", sap.text="Amount_F", sap.text="Date_T") and causing the smart table to render it two times duplicated like this screen shot:

I tried using the following annotation in the Query analytical CDS to avoid this duplicated formatted fields from happening but it didn't work?

@sematics.text: false

Why the Qty and Amount and Date (YYYYMMDD) fields get additional text formatted fields generated from @Odata.publish ?

why the (sap.text=) is added to the generated metadata of the Odata and using these generated formatted fields (Qty_F, Amount_F, Date_T) as if they are texts description fields for the (Qty, Amount, Date) itself ?

how to stop that ? because in a standard CDS the amount or qty is showed correctly from the smart table smart field without additional generated _F or _T text field.

Looking Forward,